• Xmas Elephant Candle
  • Xmas Elephant Candle
  • Xmas Elephant Candle

Xmas Elephant Candle


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Works of art in wax. A Xmas Elephant Candle from the heart of Africa. These unique handmade Xmas Elephant Candle will organically add to the beauty and décor of your Xmas room. At night, when they glow from within, these unique candles are superb for enhancing your soul, your familyfriends and the ambience of your Xmas setting.

Swazi artisans  at Swazi Candles in the small African Kingdom of Swaziland apply these beautiful patterns by hand, using the age-old trade bead multi layered technique of  millefiore, or 'thousand flowers', perfected in the glass making city of Murano, Italy. Adapted and utilized in the African candle making craft. The soft inner core creates a translucent lens that spreads the light throughout the entire candle bringing the pattern to life as soon as it is lit. The hard outer core of the candle, which hardly melts when the candle is lit creates a mystical glow as the inner wax burns down leaving the outer layer intact. 

Candles remain beautifully intact through countless burnings. During each burning a well is formed providing a place to put a scented tea or votive candle. Now your Swazi Candle is ready to be reburned. For candles with reburning features look for 'This candle is reburnable'.

  • Imported wax
  • Hand sculptured
  • Lead free cotton wick
  •  6"h x 8"w
  • Remains intact through countless burnings
  • Hard wax veneer allows the burning flame from within to light the intricate designs
  • This candle is reburnable' by placing a votive candle in the well (space) formed by the initial burning

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