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The Springbok is South Africa’s National animal and the South African rugby team is named after the Springbok. However, the Springbok is not an endangered species. Springbok occur in plentiful numbers in South Africa and there are up to 2.5 million of these antelope in South Africa. The hide is ethically sourced through Government approved animal herd reduction programs that are responsible for the culling of Springbok and the protection of the native environment. The skins are a bi-product of this process. My manufacturer sources its Springbok skins from a reputable supplier and this supplier in turn sources the skins from an abattoir that adheres to Governmental regulations governing the culling of the Springbok. We will supply documentation from our supplier authenticating their credentials. 


The dying uses natural and waterproof colors. The skins are dyed with a waterproof dye and the process is done by a reputable tannery using a tried and tested process. Saying that, however, the dye can run a little if exposed to severe dampness. Our bag takes this into account and our design includes a leather panel on the back that will protect clothing from slight dye rub off in the case of dampness. We have not, however, experienced problems with this product before and consider the rubbing off of the dye to only happen in extreme conditions.


Skins Certificate Of Declaration

Skins Certificate Of Declaration