• White Heart Candle

White Heart Candle


White Heart Candle
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This wow worthy White Heart Candle Candle sculpture is cast from a superior blend of imported waxes ~ light, color, romance, sheer gorgeousness.

Unconventional and eccentric, Sobeit, an exciting brand, offers quirky and unique objects with an individualistic touch, exceptional detail and unique design. Situated at the foot of the mountain in Muizenberg, Cape Town, their candles make great gifts and are ideal for special occasions.

The studio, owned by Bartel van Vuuren & Liezle Fourie, are creators of the unusual, the playful, the weird and wonderful." Our style is highly adaptable and versatile yet distinctly our own. We move with trends but do not subscribe or hold back. Oh…and we love our things."

  • Objet de'art Heart Candle
  • Imported wax
  • Intricate carving detail
  • Beautiful decorative  piece
  •  8.2"h x 4.3"w x  2.8"d

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