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A quirky series of rubber character toys upcycled from the inner tubing of 'lorry'/truck tires. Kwezie is one of the 'new kids on the township block'. Best friends with Mega Zolo and Zolo. Their favorite kwela song is, Keep It Simple Stupid and Get Some Gratitude In Your Attitude. They are intriguing and interesting, they always smile.

Handcrafted by Rubberpro a collective of women, transforming discarded tires into toys and accessories, who live and work in the Makahaza Township, Cape Town. Kwela is a type of danceable pop music popular in South Africa. It has happy, frequently pennywhistle-based, jazzy underpinnings. It also has a distinctive, skiffle-like beat, characterizing street music. It is mainly played in the urban townships. In the Xhosa culture the word ‘Zolo’ means ‘yesterday’ or ‘brand new’. 

  • Handmade with rubber and beads 
  • 10"h x 8"w
  • Eco-friendly
  • Upcycled from tires
  • Wipe clean

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