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Fashionably carry and protect your laptop with this funky and fabulous -- eclectic and eccentric, form-fitting neoprene construction sleeve, populated by a vibrant world of colorful Afro-chic characters.

Tracy Rushmere, founder of Shine Shine fabrics, has created a range of fabrics drawing inspiration from African textiles. "I've been, fascinated and inspired by African design my whole life and the medium that captures the spirit and expression of Africa most vividly is textile design. Shine Shine is the culmination of a working life spent surrounded by African design. It makes me happy to bring this contemporary take of an age-old Pan-African custom into being." Designs by Tracy Rushmere and Heidi Chisholm.

  • 14"w x 10.5"h
  • Fits 13" Laptop
  • Sleeve, X-Ray friendly
  • Top zipper closure
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Imported

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